Cambodian Hair Extension is a supplier and purveyor of 100% authentic human hair extensions with Collection, Fabrication, and Artificial hand tied facilities in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We are the first company to harvest hair out of Cambodia, and one of the few suppliers in the world that manages every aspect of hair extensions production under one roof! Our goal is to provide our clients with a superior product, a unique hair buying experience ensuring that we provide premier customer service from beginning to end. It is our goal to be the first and only company in the world that offers 100% Cambodian hair that are truly made in Cambodia



Cambodian Hair Extensions is Cambodia's biggest hair provider, collecting hair from hair donors directly. So we can afford both, high-quality hair with a reasonable price. We're dedicated to providing you with top-tier products that enhance your beauty and confidence. Our goal is to ensure that you find the perfect match for your individual style and preferences. 

We're excited to introduce you to our range of exceptional products. In our catalog, we offer three distinct types:  Cambodian Human Raw Hair-Premium, Cambodian Human Raw Hair-Standard,  Cambodian Human Raw Hair-Jet Black . Each product boasts its unique features and qualities, ensuring there's something perfect for every need. Feel free to explore and discover the ideal fit for you!

Weft Hair 

Weft hair is a type of hair extension where individual strands of hair are sewn or bonded together at the top to form a continuous strip. This strip of hair, known as a weft, can be made from either human hair or synthetic fibers. Wefts come in various lengths, textures, and colors, and they are designed to be attached to your natural hair to add volume, length, or different styles to your hair. They can be applied using different methods such as sewing, gluing, or using clips, and once attached, they blend seamlessly with your natural hair, allowing for various styling options.

Closure Hair 

Closure hair is a hairpiece, typically made of lace or silk, that is used to create a natural-looking parting or finishing for a hair weave or extension installation. Closures come in different sizes (commonly 4x4 inches or 5x5 inches) and can be placed at the top or side of the head to give the appearance of a natural part.

Frontal Hair

A frontal hairpiece, often referred to as a lace frontal or lace front closure, is a type of hairpiece designed to mimic a natural hairline and cover the entire front area of the head. It's commonly used with weft hair extensions to create a complete and natural-looking hairstyle

                      Machine Sewing Wig

                      Machine-sewing wig involves using a closure/frontal piece—a smaller piece of lace or silk with hair strands hand-tied onto it—in combination with machine-sewn wefts to create a wig. Here's more about this type of wig construction:

                      Closure/Frontal Piece:  The closure is typically used at the crown or front of the wig to create a natural-looking part or to cover a specific area. It's smaller than a full frontal and is usually square or rectangular in shape.

                      Construction:  The closure piece is sewn or attached by machine onto the wig cap. Hair wefts are then sewn around it using a sewing machine to complete the rest of the wig.

                      Hand Sewing Wig

                      Creating a closure or frontal wig through hand-sewing involves a combination of meticulous handwork with a closure or frontal piece and the attachment of wefts using a hand-sewing technique. Here's a breakdown:

                      Closure/Frontal Attachment:  The closure or frontal piece—either made of lace or silk—is carefully hand-sewn onto the wig cap. This piece is designed to mimic a natural hairline and scalp appearance at the front or crown of the wig.

                      Hand-Sewing Wefts:  After attaching the closure or frontal piece, individual hair wefts are hand-sewn onto the remaining part of the cap. This involves manually stitching each weft onto the cap, row by row, around the closure or frontal, ensuring a seamless and natural transition.

                      Full Lace Wig

                      Full lace wig is a type of wig that is constructed with a lace cap that covers the entire head. The cap is made of a thin and flexible lace material, which allows for a natural and realistic appearance. The hair strands are individually hand-tied to the lace, creating the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp.

                      Ventilation and Hair Knotting: 

                      Individual hair strands are then hand-knotted onto the lace cap using a technique known as ventilation. The hair is typically tied in tiny knots to the lace, creating the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp.