About us:

Cambodian Hair Extensions Co., Ltd., was renamed from SambathSoda International that was established during 2014 by Mr. Chhay Sambath who is a former Principle and Director collectors of Arjuni International Co.,Ltd.

Our company is supplying the best exclusively quality Cambodian virgin hair mostly to USA. The hairs are cut from women of different ages living in rural areas of Cambodia who willing to sell their hair for cash to support their family needs.

Each critical production step has in-house quality control from cutting hair from head of hair donors to finished products. We maintain all hairs virginity of pattern, color and luster from hair donors. Hairs are cuticle align no chemical treatment, and no processing curl or straight. All our hair extensions can be styled with any kind of hair styling machine no shedding, no tangling.

We wholesale and retails a range of different hairs, such as weft hair, closure, frontal, full lace wig, machine sewing closure/frontal wig, hand sewing closure/frontal wig.

Hair Categories:

1.  Cambodian Human Hair-Virgin :
    - Cuticles intack and aligned
    - The hair has been untouched.
    - Natural state of pattern, color and luster.
    - There are two colors, natural Black and natural brown.
    - The hair can be bleached or dyed to any color.
    - The tip is between 80%-95% ratio.
    - No grey, no nits, no split ends.

 2Cambodian Human Hair-Donors Original State:
    Cuticles intack and aligned.
    - Original state of pattern color and luster from hair donors.
    - There are brown, black, ombre and other.
    - The Hair can be bleached or colored. 
    - The tip is between 80%-95% ratio. 
    - No grey, no nits, no split ends.

3Cambodian Human Hair-Jet Black:
    - Cuticles intack and aligned.
    - Natural state of pattern and luster.
    - The hair was contain henna.
    - The Hair can't be bleached  or colored
    - There is only jet black color.
    - The tip is between 80%-95% ratio.
    - No grey, no nits, no split ends.

• Hair Pattern:

  1. Natural Straight

  2. Natural Wavy A (Each wave from 3” and larger)

  3. Natural Wavy B (Each wave between 2”-3”)

  4. Natural Curly C (Each curl between 1”-2”)

  5. Natural Curly D (Deep curl which is smaller than 1”)

• Hair Color:

  1. Natural Black

  2. Natural Brown

  3. Natural Grey

  4. Jet Black

  5. Brown

  6. Ombre

• Hair Luster:

  1. Hight

  2. Medium

  3. Low

• Hair Length: Hair Length from 10” to 30”